In 1995, Joanne, a thirty-year old mother of one living in Edinburgh, with not much money to support her and her infant daughter, put the finishing touches to a first novel; it was submitted to a dozen publishers - being rejected by all.
 Joanne had moved to Scotland to be near her younger sister Dianne when Jo's marriage foundered: the sisters had always been close and as youngsters in the early 1970s, they could be found playing 'shops' - in a real shop, with real stock, here in West Moors - the girls would have been well under 10 years old. The grocery business was run by Jo and Di's paternal grandparents, Ernie and Kathleen Rowling.
 Known for much of its life since the Second World War as Glenwood Stores, the shop and living accommodation was one of the oldest such along the eastern side of Station Road, being built very early in the 20th century - though by the time of this image (from a commercial postcard, circa 1970) the premises had been extensively altered. The shop no longer exists - Tesco Express and the turning for Park Way occupy the spot now . . . as can be seen in the second image taken by me in January 2015 . . .
Taken from a postcard_circa 1970January 2015_same area
  . . . but the link with the earlier shop and its one-time owners surrounds us like a "wizard's spell": when Joanne finally found a publisher prepared to take on Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone [June 1997], she was asked to adopt a pen name. Having no middle name herself, she chose 'K' after her much-loved (and no doubt very patient) grandmother(*), and as " J. K. Rowling " she produced six more novels in the epic saga which, as a series of award-winning books and films, have made Joanne one of the wealthiest and influential women of our times.
 [(*) Kathleen Rowling died in 1975 at the early age of 52, when the two girls would have been around 8 and 10 years old: this early passing of someone who was obviously dear to them would have affected the sisters profoundly. ]
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